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pretty sure Taemin was lying when he said his favorite music was folk and country because… oh wait


140829 Key instagram update
bumkeyk: 조로 첫공을 마쳤습니다 . 많은 분들 와주셔서 진심으로 감사드립니다 . 일어나서 박수쳐주시고 같이 웃어주시고 같이 가동받아주셔서 하나가 된 느낌을 오늘 특히 여러번 받은거 같아요!얼른 조로로 다시만나길!
I finished my first Zorro performance. I sincerely thank the many people who came. You stood up and clapped, laughed with me, and experiened it together with me, so I felt many times that we became one today! I hope I’ll meet you again as Zorro soon!
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